Communication & Transaction platform

Fully distributed - Based on the Blockchain

At MatchUpBox, we provide a communication and transaction platform for individuals and professionals based on the Blockchain process.

Pikcio's communication application helps professionals to secure their exchange and interaction with their users (chat messenger, emails, audio, video, files).

Our Trust Capital Index certifies users’ identity via a multichannel trust score. Based on an aggregation process, we identify your prospects, customers, products or services.

Pikcio allows banking institutions, FinTech and insurance companies to meet the strictest new data privacy rules, eliminate redundant identity compliance checks and improve the customer experience.

Manage your online reputation and activity in a one stop application.

The Challenges

4 drivers behind our technology

High quality standards

Provide high quality standards for the customer experience

Data privacy regulation

Meet tough data privacy regulations


Reduce the KYC costs

Customer centric

Improve your knowledge of customers by a strong personalization

Industry we are working with

Banking, Insurance and Fintech companies

MatchUpbox exchanges with professionnals that care about their data

MatchUpbox solution applies to all the positions in the data management chain

  • Marketing CMO
  • Technical CTO
  • Chief Privacy Officer CPO
  • Chief Data Officer CDO
Discover some extra

Discover the benefits behind Pikcio

Coolest features of Pikcio

Explore some of the coolest features of Pikcio
  • 01

    Pikcio messages

    Send direct and fast (P2P) messages or certified messages (Blockchain based).

  • 02

    Manage profile & data

    Get your digital identities back (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, ...) and select the data you share

  • 03

    Manage contacts

    Add / invite / remove contacts, get their profile...

  • 04


    Instant chatting with your contacts. Share text and any files you want.

  • 05

    Smart calendar

    Define available time slot, and automatically match availability with your contacts.

  • 06

    Dashboard / manage your TCI

    Connect your networks (e.g. Facebook, Google ...), to retrieve your digital identities back, and raise your TCI

  • 07

    Pikcio assitant and search

    Safely search on the web using Pikcio, and access a full set of broking services.

  • 08

    Files management

    Upload, protect and share your files directly from your Pikcio.

Ultimate app to share easily everything you want and enhance the power of your data

Pikcio is user centric, fully distributed, safe and compliant with the new data privacy regulation. Take now advantage of your data, to share and exploit them in the easiest way.

Key benefits

All in one communication & transaction platform
  • Proprietary network

    MatchUpBox proprietary network is fully distributed. No central server

  • Scalable architecture

    Standard message (Peer to peer) or Blockchain message on demand

  • Multi Distributed Ledgers

    Private permission-based blockchain

  • User centric

    User's identification (Trust Capital Index) and data access management

  • Secure

    Encryption of message (creation, transport, reception)

  • Compliant

    Stronger regulatory compliance, lower costs and a seamless customer experiences

Learn how Pikcio smart application empowers businesses to develop personalized and tailored services for their clients TRY NOW

The Pikcio Lab program provides organizations an opportunity to test hypotheses and prove business value prior to making substantial investments.

It is a custom designed process and pathway to new products, services, experiences and business models.

What is behind Pikcio Pro smart application?
- User’s profile data (permission-based)
- Personalized matching engines matching user’s needs and trusted services
- Custom Smart contracts via scripting tools
- Automatic form filling based on verified user’s data

What kind of program do we offer?
- A test on a small sample of your customers
- An internal test (a dedicated number of individuals will run a specific test for a limited period of time)

- Test on Real Customer Data in real time
- Unique business insight
- A pathway to new product or services

Insights generated during the program are both qualitative and quantitative. These are used to determine the strength and validity of investment in new initiatives or optimized processes that generate tangible business value. Pikcio Lab is the first step towards new models of professional customer centric application.

At MatchUpBox, we understand companies handling Personal Data

Companies want to secure their growth, be compliant and build customer's trust. We stand for responsibility, transparency and greater control.

We are a team of experts

On the team

Didier Collin de Casaubon

Chief Executive Officer +

Didier is the entrepreneur behind MatchUpBox. His head is full of flourishing new ideas, feeding our team with perpetual innovations. His experience and inputs are helping to building the network of tomorrow.

Fabien Bucamp

Developement +

Fabien is a leading expert in TCP, UDP, IP, P2P... you can trust he knows what is doing: he was in the Franch DOD before MatchUpBox. He is everything we need to ensure that MatchUpBox products meet the highest standards of data security.

Dr. Jorick Lartigau

PhD, Research +

Jorick converts ideas into innovations. He leads our research, bringing new features to MatchUpBox solutions. Jorick does not hesitate to dive into the code (for his own enjoyment :) ).

Clara Schmitt

Marketing +

Clara maintains the spotlight onto Pikcio.me, and brings all the traction we deserve. She creates new stuffs every day to make our B2C services sound even greater.

Delphine is in charge of our Operations and of the Corporate Development. As such, she proposes and executes a range of various strategic activities.

Alizon König

Development +

Alizon spends hours everyday to code the engine behind MatchUpBox. She insures that all the annoying big and little bugs disappear to make our services the most reliable.

Jean-Francois Lienart

Chief Sales Officer +

Jean-Francois built up a strong track record in selling IT services solutions on the Benelux market. His specialties: to find and implement new technology to generate growth in large organizations.

Maxime Cools

Major Accounts Sales +

Maxime started within a big financial institute before moving into IT. As business development manager for BI BENELUX, he creates, builds and constantly evaluate firms to help them grow within digital.

Stephane Goethals

Major Accounts Sales +

Stephane brings his strong customer experience based on the several sales and marketing management positions hold in venture capitalist funded start-ups as well as established technology companies.

Eric Mathivet

Communication +

Eric increases MatchUpBox's visibility thanks to a catchy communication. He writes great blog articles around privacy, customer relationship, eHealth and more.



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