Secure Communication platform

Fully distributed - Based on the Blockchain

At MatchUpBox we provide the first blockchain-based communication platform designed for professionals and their clients.

Pikcio is a communication application that helps professionals to secure their exchange and interaction with their users: collaborators and/or customers.

By using MatchUpBox technology, Pikcio provides a highly secure, confidential and easy to use way to communicate.

Compared with your existing communication solutions (emails, file sharing platform) Pikcio doesn’t use any third-party storage, such as cloud or server: that means that only you and your recipient would own the message. Even not MatchUpBox!

With Pikcio all your communications are fully encrypted: messages or files. We apply protocols to ensure the security of the data transmission within the network.

Key Benefits


Effectively protect your company, employees and clients' data


Put confidentiality at the core of your internal and external communications


Show your customers you care for their privacy


Easy to implement, no significant investment: simply download Pikcio

A strong technological base

MatchUpbox takes the safety of your data very seriously

After 2 years of R&D, MatchUpBox released a disruptive network architecture: fully distributed with a permission-based blockchain layer. You decide who/which nodes in your company is consensus (miner) or ledger host.

You have the choice to use the blockchain or not. You can either send direct messages or “registered” messages. It means that the proof you sent this very important contract to your colleague will be kept into the blockchain records. Not the content but the fact that you sent it.

Discover the benefits behind Pikcio

Coolest features of Pikcio Messaging

Explore some of the coolest features of Pikcio
  • 01

    Pikcio messages

    Send direct and fast (P2P) messages or certified messages (Blockchain based).

  • 02

    Manage profile & data

    Get your digital identities back (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, ...) and select the data you share

  • 03

    Manage contacts

    Add / invite / remove contacts, get their profile...

  • 04


    Instant chatting with your contacts. Share text and any files you want.

  • 05

    Smart calendar

    Define available time slot, and automatically match availability with your contacts.

  • 06

    Dashboard / manage your TCI

    Connect your networks (e.g. Facebook, Google ...), to retrieve your digital identities back, and raise your TCI

  • 07

    Files management

    Upload, protect and share your files directly from your Pikcio.

The first blockchain messaging platform to securily communicate within your company, or with your customers

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